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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are placing all breeding plans on hold.  We recognize that this virus is not contagious to our dogs, but we also do not want to bring a litter into the world while we are faced with financial and supply vulnerability.  If the pandemic has passed by fall of 2020, we will plan a breeding at that time.  At this point, we cannot in all ethical aspects, plan for a litter to be bred this spring.

To be considered for future puppy placement, please download our puppy questionnaire below.    Note that completion of a questionnaire is not a guarantee of a puppy; Elvbend Elkhounds reserves the right to place puppies at its discretion.  Please note that we take great care and diligence in producing a litter and therefore have puppies available only on a limited basis.

Questionnaire (pdf)


Our Experience


We are a small hobby kennel and dedicated Norwegian Elkhound fanciers. All of our dogs are, first and foremost, our companions and friends, and as such, they share our home with us – they are not kennel dogs! While we are proud of their accomplishments, they are our treasured family members first and foremost. 

We became involved with Elkhounds in 2000, titling our first dog in 2001. We have enjoyed showing in Conformation, Agility, Rally, and Obedience, and have shown in both AKC and UKC events. We believe in developing our dogs to their fullest potential.

We breed sparingly and very selectively. We breed only if we believe we have the expectation of an exceptional litter that will exemplify the Norwegian Elkhound in structure, temperament, and health. Since we believe that only the best representatives of the breed should be selected as parents, we do require that puppies placed as companions (pets) be spayed or neutered.

We strongly believe in breeding dogs TO THE STANDARD. Form, fit, and function are an integral part of our breeding program. 

Our sires and dams are painstakingly selected.  All potential parents are carefully health-screened, including hips OFA’d , eyes OFA’d clear, DNA testing for those diseases we are able to test for, and appropriate blood and urine panels performed. Since we are responsible for the decision to bring puppies into this world, we believe that it is vital to take every step possible to ensure they live a happy, healthy life.

Our puppies are raised inside our home (they are not raised in barns, kennels, or outbuildings) to provide maximum socialization to the everyday sights and sounds of a household. Because we breed so sparingly, our puppies receive extensive handling and care as well as our full and devoted attention. We provide numerous opportunities for socialization, both inside our home and, when they have had their immunizations, outside the home. We believe that puppies benefit from socialization with their littermates and therefore puppies never leave our home before they are 10 weeks old. To minimize stress during this impressionable age, we never ship puppies by air. Our puppies are placed in their new homes with great care, and potential owners are thoroughly screened to ensure that the puppy is placed in an excellent and loving home. A fenced yard is required, and puppies will not be placed in homes where they must live outside, in a kennel, or tied on a line. We prefer that new owners pick their puppy up at our home. Our puppies are sold for the same price, regardless of gender. Our puppies are not inexpensive, as we take considerable time and effort to produce exceptional puppies. A written, signed contract is expected with every puppy.

We are active members of the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America, Northeastern Illinois Norwegian Elkhound Association, Greater Milwaukee Norwegian Elkhound Association, and the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners. We also work in breed rescue, and have fostered a dozen or so Elkhounds, who have since been permanently homed through elkhound rescue networks.

Amy was honored to have judged the Futurity and Maturity at the 2010 Norwegian Elkhound National in Midland, MI, the Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes at the GMNEA specialty in 2017, the Puppy and Veterans Sweepstakes at the NECSEM in 2018, and has judged AKC Sanctioned “B” matches.

We are proud to have been accepted into the AKC Breeder of Merit program. We feel this program is an honor that recognizes breeders who go above and beyond to ensure the health and soundness of their breeding programs to better ensure healthy, happy puppies for their future owners.


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